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The company


France Débosselage is the first franchise network in France that specializes in the reparation of vehicles damaged by hail. This choice seemed audacious at first, at the beginning of paintless dent removal in France. Today, thanks to its numerous franchisees and contractors all over Europe, all reliable specialists, the company can manage a large part of the French market whilst offering quality services.


Make of your requirement, our objectives "

Leader in the field, France Débosselage has made the choice of focusing only in hailstorm related damages while developing partnerships with professionals in the automobile sector: insurance companies, assessment firms, dealerships (new and second hand vehicles), car rental agencies.

This specialization gives the company perfect management skills in hail damages combined with flawless reactivity. France Débosselage is today capable of managing the whole process (handling, assessment, repairing, technical assistance and warranty) for over 3000 vehicles whilst offering each and every client quality services.

Since the beginning, France Débosselage's vision has focused on offering its clients and partners adapted solutions to their needs with optimal cost prices.

Nos engagements

  • Dent repair experts trained and supervised by renowned specialists
  • High and homogenous level of technique
  • Provision of services done under one trade name
  • A 5 year warranty (national coverage)
  • Commercial administration logistics completely computerized for higher effectiveness
  • Fast and quality results for a low price


We have a unique system of follow-up of the work done on the vehicles and thanks to our specialized software and our handwriting recognition pens we are able to analyse statistics than can potentially interest our partners such as the average cost of our services and the detailed work done on each vehicle (dent removal or classical body repair work), comparison of work done between two vehicles, etc.

This unique database in our profession is especially intended for the experts and for the representatives of insurance companies.

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