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The Method

A method without paint, sealer nor solvent, environment-friendly and effective! Paintless dent removal is a manual technique that reduces all kinds of dents on the bodywork of vehicles, especially those caused by hail.

Our highly skilled technicians, trained to work with special techniques and specific tools (stainless steel rods reinforced with thermally treated carbon, suction system for areas whose access is difficult), les after doing a detailed examination of each impact ((size, position, depth)and the type of the vehicle's bodywork and paint, remove the dents one by one by exerting small pressures on the back of the dents (about 200 for a small impact of the size of a 2 euro coin! ), until the dents disappear, without damaging the paint nor the varnish!!

Les avantages du DSP

  • Economical( (20% to 50% cheaper than a traditional repair) )
  • Faster( (2 to 5 times faster) )
  • Less defects in finishing work
  • Respects the original paint ( anticorrosion builder's warranty )
  • Environment-friendly ( no solvent, paint, IR heating. )

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