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Nowadays, paintless dent removal is renowned and used by a great number of established technicians. This technique is best used for traditional interventions on second hand vehicles or smalldents caused by parking incidents.

But in case of hailstorm affecting hundreds of vehicles, the skills and labour required to respond to a strong demand in a short period of time demands the know how of specialized companies like France Débosselage.

Those of you who have been confronted to this kind of situation know that in a 24 hour period telephone or fax requests for paintless dent removal companies are numerous! It is difficult to make a well-advised choice in a stressful situation!

Our company has built a working and management process that allows us to comfort you in your choice to use us for paintless dent removal. We assure you that you will have a working partner that will share your priorities! So in case of hail, call us !

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